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What is White Zircon?

White Zircon is a brilliant gemstone formed in earth's crust over 5 million years ago. Often mistaken for diamonds due to their brilliance and lustre, White Zircon is a natural gemstone that belongs to the versatile zircon family.


Vedic Astrological Benefits

- White Zircon is a substitute(upratna) for Diamond and helps to enhance love, beauty, art, and luxury.


- Wearing White Zircon can attract wealth and financial stability, benefiting those seeking economic growth.


- It enhances creative abilities and is ideal for artists, musicians, and writers.


- It fosters harmony and strengthens relationships, promoting love and marital bliss.


- White Zircon acts as a protective shield against negative energies and enhances overall well-being.


If you cannot afford Diamond, wear White Zircon to seek the benefits associated with Venus. If you want to wear diamond, then wear only natural diamond but not Lab-Created Diamond as it does not have natural energy of earth.


How to Wear it?

Wear it as a pendant or as a ring. Use silver, white gold, or platinum, and Wear it on Friday(waxing moon’s period). If the Ring is worn, wear it on the Ring finger.

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