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Turquoise Stone Ball

Turquoise (Firoza)

What is Turquoise (Firoza)?

Turquoise(Firoza) is a blue to bluish greenish gemstone. Turquoise is associated with the planets Venus and Jupiter in Vedic astrology, and it holds a special place in other cultures for its protective properties and beauty.

As per VEDIC ASTROLOGY: Who can wear It?

- People with a weak Venus or Jupiter in their horoscope can be recommended to wear turquoise to strengthen these planets' positive influences.

- It's recommended for Sagittarius, Pisces, and Taurus ascendants as a secondary gemstone because of its affiliations with Jupiter and Venus, respectively.

Benefits of Turquoise (Firoza)

- Turquoise is believed to offer protective benefits against evil spirits and ill fortune.

- Turquoise is said to promote emotional balance and help in relieving stress and anxiety.

- Turquoise enhances communication skills, making it beneficial for people in professions that require public speaking or clear articulation.

- Turquoise is also associated with good fortune, prosperity, and success, particularly in legal matters and financial investments.

As per WESTERN ASTROLOGY: Who can wear It?

- Turquoise is a birthstone for December, along with zircon and tanzanite.

- People born under Sagittarius might find wearing turquoise particularly beneficial, enhancing their natural traits of optimism, adventure, and freedom.

In Western astrology and crystal healing practices, turquoise is regarded for its healing properties and ability to protect the wearer from harm. It's believed to bring peace to the home and good fortune to the wearer. The stone is also associated with friendship, love, and the alleviation of depression and anxiety.

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