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Ruby (Manik) Stone

Ruby (Manik)

What is Ruby (Manik)?

Ruby (Manik), is a precious gemstone characterised by its vibrant red colour, range from pinkish to a deep, pigeon blood red. This gemstone is highly valued and is believed to hold significant astrological significance in both Vedic and Western astrology.

In VEDIC ASTROLOGY: Who can Wear It?

- Ruby is associated with the Sun and it signifies authority, power, and ego.  Recommended for those with a weakly placed Sun in their horoscope to enhance these qualities.

- It is especially beneficial for Leo (Simha) ascendants, as the Sun is the ruling planet of this zodiac sign. 

- People in leadership roles, government positions, or those seeking fame and recognition might also benefit from wearing a Ruby.

Benefits of Ruby (Manik)

- Ruby is believed to enhance the wearer's authority, confidence, and ability to lead effectively.

- It is said to positively impact health, particularly by improving blood circulation and eye health, and boosting vitality.

- Wearing Ruby is believed to attract wealth, prosperity, and helping the wearer achieve a higher status in society.

- Ruby is also thought to improve relationships, particularly romantic and familial bonds, by increasing warmth and affection.


As per WESTERN ASTROLOGY? Who can Wear It:

- Ruby is considered as the birthstone for July, it is often worn by those born in that month.

- People may choose to wear Ruby for its general association with love, passion, vitality, and courage.

Ruby, is cherished worldwide as a gemstone of love and prosperity. 

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