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Coral Stone

Red Coral (Moonga)

What is Red Coral (Moonga)?

Red Coral, known as Lal Moonga in Hindi, is an organic gemstone formed from the skeletons of marine polyps. It is typically found in vibrant red hues but can also appear in shades of pink, orange, and dark red. These are available in various countries. For Red Coral, Italian and Spanish are the best and for White Coral, Japanese White Coral is the best.


Benefits in Vedic Astrology

- Strengthens Mars: Wearing Red Coral strengthens the positive influences of Mars, enhancing courage, determination, and assertiveness. It is particularly beneficial for those with Aries or Scorpio as their ascendant signs.


- Health Benefits: Believed to improve blood-related issues, increase physical strength, and support the body's healing process. It is often recommended for those suffering from anaemia, low energy, or menstrual problems. It also enhances sexual energy of a person.


- Protection: Acts as a powerful shield against enemies, accidents, and negative energies. It is said to provide protection to those in high-risk professions such as military, police, and sports.


- Career Success: Boosts leadership qualities, ambition, and the ability to take initiative. It supports career growth in fields related to Mars, including engineering, medicine, and defence.


- Emotional Stability: Helps in overcoming anger, aggression, and impulsive behaviour, promoting emotional balance and stability.


Benefits in Western Astrology

- Red Coral is traditionally associated with the month of March.


- Red Coral is particularly beneficial for Aries and Scorpio individuals, as it enhances the positive traits of Mars, the ruling planet of Aries.


How to wear and in which metal?

Red Coral can be worn in Pendant or Ring. It should be worn in Ring Finger of Right Hand in Gold or Silver metal. Wear it in Shukla Paksha (increasing moon period) in proper Muhurat.


Mantra to recite before wearing

Mantra: "Om Angarakaya Namah" (ओम अंगारकाय नमः)

Recitation: 10,000 times


Life Span of Coral


Red Coral is believed to have a specific lifespan or effective period of 3 Years during which it provides maximum benefits beyond which it is advisable to change it.

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