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Opal Stone


About Opals

Opals are beautiful gems. Their unique internal colours are one of the most fascinating visual effects created by nature and are  Optical Properties. Displays opalescence correctly referred to as “play of colour.”  Opals are doubly attractive as they often also have a beautiful iridescence (known as ‘opalescence’).

Gem-quality Opals are loved for their kaleidoscope of colours and internal flashes of almost neon coloured lights. There are several varieties of gem-quality Opals.


-Harmony and Balance: Associated with Venus (Shukra), opal is believed to bring harmony and balance to relationships and enhance love and companionship.


-Opal is the Substitute (upratna) of Diamond.


-Emotional Healing: Helps to stabilise emotions, relieve stress, and promote emotional well-being.


-Creativity and Inspiration: Enhances creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.


-Prosperity and Luck: Attracts prosperity, luck, and abundance.


As per Western Astrology, it is the birthstone of October, bringing good luck, protection, and emotional stability.


Opal is a gemstone of remarkable beauty and significance. Its captivating play-of-colour and diverse range of types make it a unique and treasured gemstone.

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