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Hessonite (Gomed) stone

Hessonite (Gomed)

What is Hessonite (Gomed)?

Hessonite, known as "Gomed" in Hindi, is a honey-coloured gemstone from the Garnet family. It's associated with Neptune (Rahu), in Vedic astrology. Rahu is considered a shadow planet, and is often depicted as a head without a body that swallows the sun or moon, causing eclipses. The best quality of Hessonite comes from Ceylon and India.

As per VEDIC ASTROLOGY: Who can Wear It?

- Gomed is recommended for those who are under the influence of Rahu, which can cause various uncertainties, illusions, and confusions in life. It's particularly suggested for individuals going through the Rahu Dasha or major period of Rahu.

- People involved in politics, speculative businesses, computer engineers, online business, and those who are in professions that require manipulation of facts to succeed often find Hessonite (Gomed) to be beneficial for them.

Benefits of Hessonite (Gomed)

- Gomed is believed to offer mental peace and clarity, freeing the mind from anxiety, depression, and unfounded fears.

- By wearing Gomed, individuals may overcome obstacles and hurdles in their path to success, especially those created by enemies or rivals.

- It's also said to help in curing diseases related to the stomach and ensuring the wearer's good health.

- Gomed can safeguard the wearer from evil eyes and negative energies directed towards them.

Hessonite holds a unique place in Vedic astrology, offering various benefits attributed to its ability to positively influence the powerful and often challenging effects of Rahu.


For those considering wearing Hessonite (Gomed), it's important to consult with a knowledgeable Vedic astrologer to ensure it's suitable for your astrological chart and current life phase. 

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