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What is Green Tourmaline?

Green Tourmaline, also known as "Verdelite," belongs to the versatile tourmaline family. Green Tourmaline is cherished for its aesthetic beauty and powerful metaphysical and astrological benefits.


Vedic Astrological Benefits

-Green Tourmaline is considered an effective substitute(update) for Emeralds. It is worn by those who cannot wear an Emerald but still seek the benefits associated with Mercury.


- Green Tourmaline helps to balance physical, emotional, and spiritual energies, promoting overall harmony and well-being.


- Wearing Green Tourmaline attracts wealth, abundance, and financial stability.


- It stimulates creativity and innovation, making it an excellent stone for artists, writers, and anyone seeking inspiration.


Who Can Wear It?

Libra (Tula),Capricorn (Makar)

However, it is generally considered a versatile gemstone that can benefit anyone, regardless of their Rashi, seeking its specific benefits.

Wear as a Pendant or Ring. Metal should be gold or silver, and the Ring is worn on the little finger or the ring finger of the dominant hand on Wednesday(waxing moon period)

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