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Garnet Stone


What is Garnet?

Garnet is associated with fire, passion, and romance. Garnet occurs in a kaleidoscope of natural colours including red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, black, pink and colourless. There are some 30 different gems in the Garnet family like Mozambique Garnet, Colour Change Garnet, Hessonite Garnet(Gomed), Malaia Garnet, Mandarin Garnet, Rhodolite, Tsavorite Garnet, Demantoid Garnet, and Mali Garnet. The hardness, refractive index, and rarity vary immensely from one Garnet to another.


Garnet is known as the stone of commitment, energy, and passion.


Benefits as per VEDIC ASTROLOGY

-Rhodonite Garnet is the substitute (upratna) of Hessonite(Gomed) used to control the malefic effects of Rahu Planet.


-Protection against negative energies and evil influences. It offers stability in life, helping the wearer to stay grounded and focused.


-Boosting energy levels and promoting overall vitality. It is said to support the circulatory system, improve blood-related issues, and enhance physical strength.

-Alleviating emotional stress and promoting a sense of calm and balance. It is believed to encourage positive thoughts and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.


-Igniting passion and enhancing creativity, making it ideal for artists and creative professionals. It helps foster commitment to relationships and projects, ensuring dedication and perseverance.


As per Western astrology, Garnet is the birthstone for January and is associated with the zodiac sign Capricorn.


Garnet remains a cherished gemstone known for its deep, enriching properties. Garnet is the ultimate gift of love. Today, the gem continues to be a symbol of love, passion, eternity, and warmth.

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