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Diamond (Heera) Stone

Diamond (Heera)

What is Diamond (Heera)?

Diamond, or Heera in Hindi, is the hardest natural substance on Earth, renowned for its brilliance and clarity. This precious gemstone is associated with the planet Venus (Shukra) in Vedic astrology. Diamonds are symbolic of purity, strength, and eternal love, making them a popular choice for jewellery, particularly engagement and wedding rings.


Benefits in Vedic Astrology

- Enhances Venus: Strengthens the positive effects of Venus, enhancing beauty, luxury, and artistic talents. It is particularly beneficial for those with Taurus or Libra as their ascendant signs.


- Relationship Harmony: Promotes love, romance, and marital harmony, fostering deep emotional connections and mutual understanding.


- Financial Prosperity: Attracts wealth, success, and material comforts. It is often recommended for those seeking financial stability and prosperity.


- Health Benefits: Believed to improve reproductive health and boost overall vitality. It is also said to help with kidney and urinary tract issues.


- Charisma: Increases personal charm and attractiveness, beneficial for those in entertainment, fashion, and creative fields.


Benefits in Western Astrology

- Diamond is the modern birthstone for the month of April.


- Diamond is beneficial for Aries and Libra individuals, as it is associated with Venus, the ruling planet of Taurus, enhancing their love for beauty, luxury, and comfort and fostering harmony, balance, and aesthetic appreciation.


Since Diamond is costly so the wearer can also wear White Zircon,Opal or White Sapphire for the benefits.


How to wear and in which metal?

Diamond or Venus Gems can be worn in Pendant or Ring. It should be worn in Ring Finger of Right Hand in Gold or Platinum metal. Wear it in Shukla Paksha (increasing moon period).


Mantra to recite before wearing

Mantra: "Om Shukraya Namah" (ओम शुक्राय नमः)

Recitation: 16,000 times


Life Span of Diamond

Diamond  is believed to have a specific lifespan or effective period of 7 Years during which it provides maximum benefits.

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