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Amethyst Tumble


Amethyst-Calming Stone

Amethyst(Jamunia) is a popular gemstone belonging to the quartz family, known for its deep purples to lighter lilacs. Lighter shade primarily comes from Brazil and deep shades from Africa,Uruguay and Siberia.

Benefits of Amethyst:

- Amethyst is highly regarded for its soothing energy, healing and calming influences. It's believed to help with emotional balance, offering support during times of grief or personal loss.

- Amethyst is associated with crown chakra so it is said to enhance spiritual awareness and awaken higher consciousness to encourage self-reflection and clarity of thought. 

- Amethyst is believed to create a protective shield of light around the body, safeguarding the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. 

- Amethyst calming energy is said to help with insomnia and promote intuitive dreams.

- Amethyst is believed to open the channels to intuition, psychic awareness, and enhanced mental clarity. It's often used by those wishing to develop their psychic abilities or deepen their intuitive understanding.

- In crystal healing, amethyst help in alleviating headaches and migraines, boost the immune system and aid in the healing of wounds.

Whether for its purported healing properties or simply as a symbol of tranquility and inner peace, amethyst remains a beloved gemstone in various cultures and practices around the world.

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